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Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies

Make a gluten free cosmic brownie that’s low in calories and carbs.

Make your own cosmic brownies at home. Better yet, make them gluten free! This cosmic brownies recipe is gluten free, keto friendly, and has no added sugar. While these fudgy chocolate brownies look dazzling with rainbow sprinkles, it’s incredibly easy to make. It’s a perfect cosmic brownie copycat with a sugar free ganache frosting and the most decadent brownies you’ve ever tasted.

Why make cosmic brownies at home? Honestly, store bought cosmic brownies are not very healthy. They are full of sugar and carbs, plus they’re pretty high in calories for the small amount of brownie you actually get. We might have great memories of eating these at a birthday party or with our lunch, but why not make our own as adults? That way we can bake healthy brownies that have less calories and way less sugar.

Our favorite part about cosmic brownies (besides the rainbow sprinkles) is the chocolate ganache frosting. This is a rich and chocolatey frosting made out of our sugar free chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream. It’s shiny and delicious, you’ll have to stop yourself from licking it off the spoon! We’d never stop you, though.😉

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How many calories are in a cosmic brownie?

A store-bought cosmic brownie is a whopping 290 calories for a tiny little slice. Our gluten free version is only 210! Not to mention, they’re much more substantial than the tiny brownies you might find at the grocery store or the gas station. They’re also made without adding any sugar, which means no sugar rush with your chocolatey snack.


What is a cosmic brownie?

In 1999, the snack company Little Debbie™ were inspired by the cosmic bowling trend around the world, so they decided to make a snack in tribute to it. Just like the bright lights and fun atmosphere of cosmic bowling, cosmic brownies are topped with rainbow candy covered mini chocolate chips. They were a hit with teens and kids who had parties at bowling alleys, so cosmic brownies were here to stay.


How many carbs in a cosmic brownie?

A cosmic brownie will run you 39g of Carbohydrates per serving! Not only will that kick you out of ketosis, it’s not a healthy snack. That’s why we created a homemade low carb cosmic brownie recipe with only 2g Net Carbs. This brownie recipe is super easy to make and healthier than store bought treats.


What are the things on top of a cosmic brownie?

Cosmic brownies are decorated with mini chips that have a rainbow candy shell. They’re small enough that we don’t mind adding them to the top of our brownies as they won’t affect the macros too much. If you want completely sugar free sprinkles instead, there’s plenty of options out there that are gorgeous. You can also toss a couple of our chocolate chips on top for a truly decadent brownie.

If you want to make cosmic brownies more holiday themed, try adding some red and white sprinkles. Use orange and purple sprinkles for Halloween!


Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies


Do cosmic brownies have gluten?

Yes, store-bought cosmic brownies do have gluten in them. Our gluten free brownies are, as you might have guessed, gluten free! This is because we use almond flour which contains no gluten.


Oil or butter in low carb brownies?

If you’ve ever baked brownies from a box before, you might notice they call for oil instead of butter. In keto brownies, we like to use butter because it ensures a fudgy texture that’s perfect for cosmic brownies. Cosmic brownies must be chewy and fudgy to match the texture and flavor of the ones we remember from childhood! Of course, the homemade version is so much better.


How to store homemade keto brownies.

You can store your brownies in an airtight container for up to 3 days on the counter, or 1 week in the refrigerator.


Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies



Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies

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Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies

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