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Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake

This gluten free German chocolate cake recipe is also keto friendly and sugar free. It’s a great take on an iconic dessert with zero sugar coconut frosting!

Cakes are essential to any birthday party and one of our favorite ones is a gluten free German chocolate cake. With unique healthy toppings like coconut and pecans, it is eye-catching. Of course, we’ve also cut out the carbs and made it keto friendly and low carb, swapping sugar for monk fruit as we go. Zap out any artificial sweeteners and be the superhero of your bestie’s birthday party by making a cake that stands out!

And if you haven’t heard of keto German Chocolate Cake before, don’t worry–we’ll educate you. Did you know that German chocolate cake doesn’t even come from Germany? It was designed to sell baking chocolate. It makes us wonder where the ChocZero Cake is, right!?

Another great thing about German chocolate cake made with almond flour is that it’s versatile and can be used in other recipes. Due to it having such a different flavor than your average chocolate cake recipe, its more mild subdued taste works great in ice cream and other delicious desserts–we even included a keto German chocolate cake truffle recipe and we’ve put German chocolate cake ice cream instructions in the Q&A.

Last but not least, don’t worry about any dry gluten free cake here! Because German chocolate cake is layered, its creamy coconut mixture helps keep it moist since coconut flour often dries out cakes.

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What is a German chocolate cake?

German chocolate cake is a chocolate cake that is layered with typically two or three layers. The main feature of a German chocolate cake is the coconut pecan custard that is used on it. Also, sometimes it is topped with a rich chocolate buttercream! This cocoa icing can be piped into all kinds of cute designs and shapes on your cake for any occasion.


How do you make sugar free chocolate frosting for German chocolate cake?

In terms of how to make sugar free chocolate frosting for German chocolate cake, the secret ingredient is grass fed butter. Grass fed butter is completely keto friendly. Also, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened almond milk, and powdered erythritol or chocolate stevia drops complete this delicious icing. Unsweetened almond milk has way less carbs than regular milk, too.


How do you decorate a German chocolate cake?

You can take a lot of creative liberty with the decorating, especially with the way the chocolate icing is piped! A great idea is to decorate your cake to the theme of whatever occasion it is being made for. For example, piping hearts for Valentine’s, or a sweet message for graduation. If you don’t have typical icing tips, cutting the end of a plastic bag can be great in a pinch, and work wonders as a last minute patch up. You can cut the end into different shapes, widths, and at different angles and play with the piping. Make sure to practice on another surface beforehand if you are unsure how it will look. But don’t worry, you can always scrape it off if you mess up!


Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake


What is the difference between a German chocolate cake and a regular chocolate cake?

The main difference between a German chocolate cake and a regular chocolate cake is its unique frosting with coconuts and pecans. Because it is used to top and to fill the cake, it has a very strong flavor that is a main component of the cake, which causes a noticeable difference between the two cakes. Also, the use of brown sugar makes the chocolate cake have a unique flavor.


How do you make keto friendly buttermilk?

Unfortunately buttermilk itself is not keto friendly, but apple cider vinegar will make a great substitute to a buttercream recipe! Feel free to bake to your heart's desire and keep your cake keto. Also, as we mentioned before, our keto friendly chocolate frosting recipe will be the perfect topping to both this German chocolate cake recipe as well as any other cakes you’d like to add a lick of chocolate to.


Are canned frostings like Pillsbury™ and Duncan Hines™ gluten free?

Although canned frostings like Pillsbury™ and Duncan Hines™ are an easy way to decorate cakes since they are pre-made at the grocery store, they are not gluten free. These frostings are usually not gluten free. That is why we made this gluten free German chocolate cake icing from scratch. It’s a gluten free buttercream frosting, which is perfect for guests on any diet. You won’t know the difference!


Can you freeze German chocolate cake?

Yes, you can freeze German chocolate cake! Once the cake is completed, make sure to cover it before placing it into the freezer. This can be kept there for 2-3 months. A good way to keep it preserved is to cut the cake into slices beforehand, then cover each slice in plastic wrap. Put all of these into a container that is safe for a freezer, and let it sit out and get to room temperature before consuming or serving to your guests.


Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake


When was German chocolate cake invented?

German chocolate cake was invented in Dallas, Texis in 1957. Weird, right? Because no, despite the name, this decadent chocolate cake was not made in Germany, nor is the recipe itself German. A cake recipe, German's Chocolate Cake, was published in a local paper that used special dark baking chocolate. After a boom in popularity, it was reprinted all around the country as German Chocolate Cake, and voila!


Can I get a German chocolate cake near me?

In simple terms, you can get a German chocolate cake near you. However, unfortunately bakeries use sugar in their recipe, which is not keto or gluten free. This recipe is a great way to make a chocolate cake that anyone can follow, and that can be accommodating for those in a keto or a gluten free journey. So, this can be a great option if you are bringing a German chocolate cake to a gathering!


How do I make gluten free German chocolate cake ice cream?

Making gluten free German chocolate cake ice cream is simple. After you’ve followed this recipe and have made a gluten free German chocolate cake, you can use the leftover slices for an almond milk ice cream that’s low in net carbs and celiac friendly. Take the cake and crumble it into pieces on top of the ice cream, and mix it in or use it as a topping. If you want to “shake” things up, put it all into a blender, blend until chunky and almost smooth, then you’ll have a delicious German chocolate cake milkshake!



Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake

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Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake

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