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Sugar Free White Chocolate Peppermint Chips + A Holiday Keto Gift Guide

So we kept pretty quiet this holiday year and that's because we were working like busy elves, trying to get out our holiday surprise: sugar free white chocolate peppermint chips. They're now live on our store, and as they run out as our limited launches tend to, they will be restocked three times:

  1. Once again today at 5PM PST for a total of 10,000 bags
  2. On 12/13 at 5PM PST for another 10,000 (if we're not out of stock, we'll just add the units to it, we're still bagging them up right now) - this weekend will be the last time to order and still get your order before Christmas
  3. And another time at 12/27 at 5PM PST for the remaining folks

If these sell well, like our Peppermint Keto Bark did, we will bring them back next year and explore the possibility of making them year round. We have now had our peppermint bark in stock for three months and it's been well-received, so we know you folks love mint! The only question is do you love white chocolate mint too?


Save Big With A Holiday Gift Guide

We've teamed up with several brands we love to give our customers something they can enjoy this holiday season: last minute discounts on popular products good until New Year's Eve.

We also included ourselves in this low carb list because who doesn't want some cheaper chocolate.

  • ChocZero: For your sweet tooth, indulge in low carb chocolate or top your holiday pancakes with tasty syrup (we hope you know who we are at this point, hello!?).
  • Pork King Good: Crunchy and flavorful pork rinds (sweet and savory are kind of our jam).
  • Keto-BEAM: Feel great on your journey with these electrolytes (beam us up, Scotty!) 
  • Nush: Low carb cakes (if you don't drizzle our caramel syrup on these, we don't want to know you).

Just click the company's name for a link that automatically applies their discount to your shopping cart - it will show at checkout when paying.

Please note: If you placed an order in the past 48 hours and did not use a code, please email support@choczero.com so we can give you a refund in the percentage the code would be. We're no grinches!


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