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ChocZero’s New Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies

We’re so excited to announce the release of our new gluten free sandwich cookies. After making our best-selling Cookies & Cream Keto Bark, we ended up finding ourselves making cookies–first our wheat free butter cookies and now our brand new sandwich cookies. Our Dunkies come in classic and golden flavors, so there’s a choice for each hand and each glass of milk to DUNK in. These low carb cookies are a classic sandwich cookie like Hydrox™ or Oreos™ except they are made with zero sugar added and are keto friendly!

Our chocolate Dunkies are chocolate cookies sandwiched together with vanilla frosting. Our golden Dunkies are the same, except the keto cookies are a buttery vanilla flavor. These low carb cookies only have 3g net carbs per cookie and are made with the healthy fats of almond butter. We also add prebiotic fiber to our gluten free cookies, which has been proven to help the body regular blood glucose levels.

While most keto companies will make their cookies with wheat and/or sugar alcohols, we didn’t like the taste. When you eat a classic Oreo™ cookie, you don’t expect to taste bitter–something both these ingredients can bring to the mixture. Not only that, but coconut flour can have a gritty texture that can ruin the mouthfeel of a cookie. That’s why we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind keto friendly cookie that uses almond butter and an oat fiber mixture while being sweetened with monk fruit. It’s a crispy healthy cookie that tastes amazing and feels just like the sandwich cookies from your childhood–except they’re gluten free.

So, why did we call these cookies “Dunkies”? It’s simple: you should DUNK them! Whether you’re dunking them in your milk of choice, or in a morning cup of coffee, these gluten free cookies taste delicious with a beverage. You can also crumble up these keto cookies to add to your yogurt, or create a keto friendly cheesecake crust with melted butter. These versatile cookies act just like their full sugar counterparts (except these are zero added sugar), so you can enjoy them as a snack or mix them into your next low carb dessert recipe!

How do we make keto cookies sugar free? We use all natural monk fruit, which is a zero glycemic gourd. That means there’s no artificial sweeteners like erythritol or maltitol, nor any secret added sugars. We want your cookie experience to be fun, yummy, and without a sugar crash!

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What’s a golden Oreo™?

A golden Oreo™ is a vanilla cookie with vanilla frosting. These deliciously sweet cookies do not have any chocolate in them, so they’re perfect for anyone who loves vanilla flavor and buttery cookies. ChocZero has made golden Dunkies, which are vanilla sandwich cookies that are gluten free and have zero sugar added. These cookies are perfect to be enjoyed with a glass of milk or crumbled up in yogurt. You can also use golden Dunkies to create a low carb cheesecake crust by simply mixing it with melted butter and letting it chill in the fridge.


ChocZero Golden Dunkies Cookies


What is a classic Dunkies cookie?

Our classic Dunkies cookies are our spin on the chocolate sandwich cookie with vanilla frosting. These gluten free sandwich cookies have crispy chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting sandwiched between them. We have been making chocolate cookies for our sugar free cookies & cream keto bark for years, so we knew that we wanted to make these chocolate cookies for years. Our classic Dunkies took some time for us to create the perfect taste, but we’re very happy with the final product. We hope you enjoy them and try our gluten free golden Dunkies as well.


Will Dunkies be in stores?

ChocZero’s Dunkies cookies are available online, but not currently in stores. We would love to see them on shelves soon, so we’re working hard to make that happen! Let us know what stores you’d like to buy your Dunkies from.


How to make homemade gluten free Oreos™

It’s not easy making homemade Oreo™ cookies and it’s even more difficult to make them gluten free and keto friendly. That’s because the available ingredients to low carb bakers can’t easily create crispy cookies. Low carb flour such as almond flour and coconut flour doesn’t always behave like wheat flour can. Sugar free sweetener alternatives always include erythritol, which can have an aftertaste in some recipes. The good news is that you can make homemade gluten free whoopie pies. The cookies are softer than Oreo cookies, but they still taste delicious and can make a great low carb dessert.


ChocZero Chocolate Dunkies Cookies


Are ChocZero’s cookies low carb?

Yes, ChocZero’s cookies are low carb. Our Dunkies have 3g of net carbs, which can be easily put into a low carb lifestyle. Our products are also made with almond butter, which is full of healthy fats and prebiotic fiber. Fat and fiber are a super duo team that can help your body balance glucose levels.


Is rice flour keto friendly?

While a full serving of rice flour is not keto friendly due to having a large amount of net carbs, a small amount used for texture purposes can work for keto diets due to a low amount of added net carbs. ChocZero’s cookies use a literal dash of rice flour to help keep the crispy texture of a traditional sandwich cookie. We could either use vital wheat protein or rice flour (or actual sugar) to create this effect in baking, and we chose to use the smallest amount of rice flour instead because we knew it added under less than half a gram of net carbs for each serving while still keeping them no sugar added, sugar alcohol free, and gluten free: the 3 core tenants of our brand. We feel it’s worth it for a gluten free cookie that actually tastes good and has great mouthfeel without added junk like our competitors, many of whom actually add 2g of sugar to create this effect instead. If rice flour is absolutely a no-go for your diet, ChocZero does not use it in their Cookies & Cream Keto Bark.


Is oat fiber low glycemic?

Yes, oat fiber is low glycemic. Since it is not digested by the body it cannot be absorbed to the bloodstream. Oat fiber is also gluten free, so it’s a great option for those who have celiac disease. We use oat fiber along with a bit of oat flour to help the Dunkies cookie crisp up the batter, which is made with almond butter. Since almond butter adds moisture to the cookie batter, oat fiber works to make it more crispy.


ChocZero Chocolate Dunkies Cookies


Do ChocZero’s cookies have coconut flour?

ChocZero’s cookies are coconut flour free. Simply put, we don’t feel the taste or texture of the flour meets our standards. We want to make healthy versions of classic treats, so taste is very important to us. That’s why we’ve created low carb cookies with almond butter and a gluten free fiber mix so that it crisps just like the cookies you remember and taste amazing.


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