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ChocZero Will Never Use Red 40 Dye: Our Commitment to Natural Food Coloring

Artificial dyes like Red Dye 40 are everywhere. And we’re tired of it. In fact, artificial food coloring even has a lot of studies tied to potential health risks of artificial ingredients as they often include substances like benzene.

The good news is there’s also healthy alternatives–and we here at ChocZero use them. If you’re looking for fun candy that’s safe to eat, you can’t go wrong with natural food coloring. Dye free candy is made with plant-based food dyes. That means the food coloring comes from flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Anything from pumpkins to pomegranates can be used to dye candy beautiful colors.

ChocZero is committed to making candy without artificial dyes. We will never use artificial coloring made from synthetic dyes. Instead, we use plant based coloring that creates cute pastel hues. We are committed to making food that’s completely Red 40 Dye free! You can find seasonal goodies like our keto strawberry chocolate chips or year-round treats like our sugar free cereal marshmallows. Our freeze-dried marshmallows are cut into cute shapes like flowers or hearts, and naturally dyed many different colors. You can finally enjoy marshmallow cereal like Lucky Charms™ again without worrying about artificial coloring.

Oh, and did we mention that we also make all our treats without adding ANY sugar? Our marshmallows also have added prebiotic fiber to keep you full longer. That means no worrying about Red 40 Dye or sugar crashes when you’re enjoying your bowl of cereal. Our freeze-dried marshmallows go great with all kinds of keto cereal, but we also make a great snack or an addition to trail mix.

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What candy is Red 40 Dye free?

ChocZero doesn’t use any artificial colors, so all their candy is free of Red Dye 40. We know there’s been some studies that have shown that the dye “Red 40” can be harmful and unhealthy to consume, so we only use plants like flowers and pumpkins to dye our treats!


What are artificial dyes made out of?

Most artificial dyes are made out of man-made ingredients that are hard to recognize like triphenylmethane or other chemicals. Some colors are made from coal tar or even oil! This is because scientists are trying to create colors and hues that don’t exist in nature. Here at ChocZero, we don’t use artificial dyes or ingredients, so we use all natural colors that come straight from plants!


What are plant based dyes made of?

The wonderful thing about natural dyes is that they are made with natural ingredients. We use anything from pumpkins to beets to create the colors of our products such as our Sugar Free Cereal Marshmallows or Strawberry Keto Bark. Flowers such as marigolds or spices such as turmeric can also be used. If you ever see “pepper” listed as an ingredient to make plant based dyes, it doesn’t mean the product is spicy! It just means the pepper was used to create a natural, beautiful red.


Sugar free freeze-dried marshmallows


Why is Red 40 Dye bad?

Red Dye 40 is considered a bad ingredient because it contains a potentially cancerous ingredient called benzene. What is benzene? It’s a substance that is found in crude oil. It is used to make plastics, pesticides, and can be found in gasoline. Overall, it’s a questionably safe ingredient so ChocZero refuses to use it. We use natural dye for all our products and we always will.


Where can I buy dye free candy?

You can buy dye free candy from ChocZero. We use natural ingredients and that includes all our dyes in everything from our chocolate to marshmallows. Our candy is sugar free, gluten free, and has absolutely no added sugar. It’s a healthy alternative to sugary candies that still use Red Dye 40.


Does Lucky Charms™ have Red 40?

Unfortunately, Lucky Charms™ uses Red 40 to artificially color their marshmallows. They may not be safe to eat if you’re looking for a more natural cereal that does not use artificial colors. That’s why ChocZero has created Sugar Free Cereal Marshmallows that are naturally dyed. These pastel marshmallows are cut into fun shapes like hearts and flowers, so you can enjoy marshmallow cereal again.


Sugar free freeze dried marshmallows


What other dyes are bad for you?

While Red 40 Dye tends to get the most attention, Yellow 5, Blue 1, and Green 3 have all been shown to cause reactions. Yellow 5 can agitate asthma symptoms and Blue 1 can cause skin rashes or even hives.


Why is Red 40 Dye banned in Europe?

Due to health concerns around Red 40 Dye and its potential effects on children, it has been banned in Europe. Studies show that Red 40 Dye can negatively affect the attention and activity of children, so some European countries have banned the ingredients or included a disclaimer.


Sugar free unicorn marshmallows


Are there health benefits of spirulina?

Yes, spirulina contains beneficial vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C. Spirulina is a superfood that contains antioxidants, which can improve heart health and support a healthy immune system. We use spirulina to create the festive green cookies crumbled in our seasonal Not Sugar Cookie Bark. We also use it for any blues, like the kind found in our sugar free unicorn marshmallows.


How to use natural dyes for chocolate.

If you want to use natural dyes for your next chocolate creation, there’s a couple different ways to make this happen. You can buy natural food dye and add a few drops at a time into your melted chocolate to achieve the color you desire. You can also use powders such as strawberry or beet powder.


Sugar free unicorn marchmallows


Candy without harmful dyes.

If you’re looking for candy without harmful dyes, try ChocZero’s sugar free freeze-dried marshmallows! All of our treats are free of artificial dyes, so you can enjoy our seasonal treats such as our Not Sugar Cookie Bark.


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