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Keto Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Craving chocolate on keto? Have this double chocolate cupcake that has our sugar free chocolate chips mixed into the batter. This decadent treat uses almond flour and nut milk to create a healthy cupcake that tastes like it's straight from a bakery. Plus, we topped it with our sugar free frosting that takes only five minutes to make! It can't get better than that.

These cupcakes are double chocolate because we use more than one flavor of chocolate chips. For all those chocolate lovers out there, we're adding our keto milk chocolate chips into the mix to really bring out the decadence in these cupcakes. Plus, adding melted chocolate to cupcake batter helps keep keto cupcakes moist. Almond flour might dry out a little faster than wheat flour, so adding some melted chocolate counteracts that in the oven. What you get is a melt-in-your-mouth cupcake that can kick any sugar craving.

If you don't feel like traditional frosting, you can always melt some white chocolate chips to spread on top of these cupcakes. Or make some sugar free whipped cream.

Macros per serving (1 cupcake):
Calories: 337 | Fat: 23g | Net Carbs: 4.2g | Protein: 10.8g

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Keto Double Chocolate Cupcakes

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Keto Double Chocolate Cupcakes

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