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Almond Flour Sugar Free Snickerdoodles

This is the only keto snickerdoodle cookie recipe that you’ll need. Why? It’s gluten free, low carb, and delicious!

Let’s face it, cookies should be the kind of gluten free dessert that you can’t stop eating–and these keto friendly snickerdoodles are a cookie that more than fits the bill. They’re even made with almond flour to keep them celiac friendly and reduce their net carbs!

Have you ever wondered what’s up with the name snickerdoodle? The Snickerdoodle was first baked in 1891 by Cornelia Campbell Bedford. The New York cooking newspaper writer had been working on a recipe for the Cleveland Baking Powder company when she came up with a sugar cookie covered in sugar and cinnamon. The rest is history!

These low carb cookies are a great substitution for your normal sugar filled cookies. Without using wheat, we’ve created a fluffy gluten free snickerdoodle that fits in your macros while also being yummy. Just don’t forget the cream of tartar as that’s the snickerdoodle’s tangy trademark taste–it’s what makes them more than just a cinnamon sugar cookie!

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Why are snickerdoodles called snickerdoodles?

Snickerdoodles are called snickerdoodles because they come from the German word for “snail dumpling”, which is Schnecke Knödel. So cute, right? There is also a theory that the first part of the word, “snicker”, comes from the Dutch word snekrad/German word schnecke, which both refer to the small shape of a snail. As we mentioned, the Snickerdoodle was first baked in 1891 by Cornelia Campbell Bedford when she came up with a sugar cookie covered in sugar and cinnamon!


Can you use almond meal instead of blanched almond flour for gluten free cookies?

Yes, you can use almond meal instead of blanched almond flour for gluten free cookies! The two are both usable to a similar enough degree that the measurements can be the same if you swap them a wheat free recipe The main difference between the two is that almond meal is coarser than almond flour. Almond flour is quite fine, so the texture of the cookie will come out a little more dense and dry. When you buy almond flour, you may find almond meal and sometimes it’s cheaper so it’s not a bad substitute at all! Just make sure you never use coconut flour in substitution for almond flour, as it can dry out your gluten free baked goods.


Can you make snickerdoodle cookies with nuts?

You can definitely make snickerdoodle cookies with nuts! One of our favorites to do this with is with chopped pecans, because it adds a nice crunchy texture to these cookies. You can also add a nut on top of each cookie as a decoration! Some other nuts you can try in these cookies are chopped peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds. As a bonus, these are all keto friendly and gluten free, making them a great fit for the cookie!


Almond Flour Sugar Free Snickerdoodles


Can I buy keto snickerdoodle cookies from a store near me?

It’s impossible to find keto snickerdoodle cookies from local stores. That’s because most snickerdoodle cookies from the store are full of carbs and sugars. Most store-bought snickerdoodles are also made with wheat, making them not gluten friendly. Making homemade keto snickerdoodles, just like the ones in this recipe, is the cheapest (and tastiest) way to make keto desserts!


How do you make snickerdoodle popcorn?

If you like snickerdoodles, you’ll love snickerdoodle popcorn. We thought we’d include this recipe since it’s another snickerdoodle gluten free treat! Melt some chocolate in the microwave. Pour the white chocolate over the popcorn and mix it well–this is going to be your coating. Sprinkle a ½ sugar substitute and ½ cinnamon mixture onto the popcorn as the chocolate melts, then mix over the popcorn and mix it in. Let the popcorn set and the chocolate harden.


How do you make snickerdoodle ice cream?

Making leftover snickerdoodles into ice cream is always a great way to enjoy your cookies! The best way to make snickerdoodle ice cream is by doing these two simple steps. First, sprinkle on then fold cinnamon into vanilla ice cream to taste to help make your ice cream a cinnamon one. Then, crumble your freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies into the ice cream and fold it in. Put as many as you’d like in, but make sure if you put the cookies into the ice cream that you don’t mix for too long and consume quickly before it melts!


Is there a way to make snickerdoodles without cream of tartar?

Yes, there is a way to make snickerdoodles without cream of tartar! You can use lemon juice to add the tang that cream of tartar would normally give cookies. So, if you are in a pinch and are in need of cinnamon cookies with everything but cream of tartar in the kitchen, lemon juice will work just fine in a pinch.


Should you refrigerate snickerdoodle cookies?

You should refrigerate snickerdoodle cookies if you want them to last longer, as opposed to keeping them at room temperature in a pantry or on a counter. Place your cookies into an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Try heating up your cookie in ten second intervals until warm, or have them chilled! Either way, refrigerating snickerdoodle cookies is a great option.


Almond Flour Sugar Free Snickerdoodles


Can you freeze snickerdoodle dough?

Yes, it’s actually a really good idea for you to freeze snickerdoodle cookie dough! That’s because freezing your dough instead of extra cookies means that you can still maintain the taste of fresh cookies, because you can make the cookies over and over and have the fresh baked taste every time you make a new one. The best way to do this is to spoon the dough into bags, preferably in the shape of the amount of dough per cookie, and then store the bags in an airtight container.


Can you flavor snickerdoodle cookies?

Yes, you can flavor snickerdoodle cookies! One of our favorite ways to do this is to do peanut butter snickerdoodle cookies. Add peanut butter into the dough before baking, or roll into the middle of the dough to create a filled cookie. Top the cookie with peanut butter after baking and cooling until room temperature. You can also use our cookie butter and hazelnut spread for making flavored cookies as well!


Almond Flour Sugar Free Snickerdoodles

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Almond Flour Sugar Free Snickerdoodles

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