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Keto Blue Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make this Cookie Monster inspired low carb chocolate chip cookie filled with keto friendly chocolate hazelnut spread.

Make these huge & chewy keto monster cookies that are blue like your favorite monster who loves cookies. These impressive chocolate chip cookies have two types of sugar free chocolate chips in them and are stuffed with sugar free Nutella. This is a surprisingly simple low carb cookie recipe that can wow the family and make sugar free baking fun. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your keto chocolate chip cookie game, this recipe is for you.

We love how chewy these keto monster cookies are. Those who are new to keto baking can sometimes run into trouble with a crumbly or dry chocolate chip cookie. This recipe uses gelatin to help make sure that your cookie is nice and chewy, so it keeps the sugar free hazelnut spread safely hidden inside. Plus, if you’ve never made a stuffed keto cookie before, this blue sugar free monster cookie recipe is perfect for your first try at it!

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What's inside a healthy monster cookie?

Monster cookies are indulgent treats full of chocolate and perfectly baked cookie dough. They also often have grains like oats. Store and bakery bought monster cookies are usually full of sugar and carbs, so we wanted to make the low carb gluten free version of a huge and chewy monster cookie. What makes this recipe a monster cookie? Well, you might have noticed that our giant keto cookie is bright blue, just like a monster pal we had when we were kids who loved cookies more than anything. This Cookie Monster bright blue color makes these cookies perfect for pictures, but they’re also great keto cookies for kids. You can make this sugar free cookie recipe for special occasions such as a birthday party, or if you want a special treat for yourself.

We decided that we wanted two kinds of sugar free chocolate chips in this cookie: milk and white. Our sugar free white chocolate chips are keto friendly and made with real cocoa butter, so they’re absolutely delicious and make a perfect addition to this giant keto cookie. And, in the middle there’s an ooey gooey chocolate surprise! We’ve added our sugar free chocolate hazelnut spread to make this low carb chewy chocolate chip cookie stuffed with even more chocolate.


What's the difference between monster cookies and kitchen sink cookies?

Technically, monster cookies and kitchen sink cookies are the same thing! Monster cookies are a type of kitchen sink cookie and they are named after everyone's favorite monster: The Cookie Monster. They are the ideal cookie for him, the quest for the perfect cookie. Kitchen sink cookies are named after the saying "everything but the kitchen sink": they contain tons of seemingly random ingredients, from chocolate chips for sweet to salty ingredients like pretzels or nuts. Monster cookies are kitchen sink cookies without a salty element: they're always sweet, and sometimes they have filling inside like our keto monster cookie recipe does. An extra fun thing that monster cookies do too is they're often dyed blue with spirulina now so that they can resemble the cute Cookie Monster from Seasame Street!


What’s a natural blue food coloring I can use?

The best natural blue food coloring comes from spirulina which is FDA approved as a natural blue food color. Spirulina comes from blue-green algae and is keto friendly. Another great option for natural blue food coloring is blue butterfly pea powder. Butterfly pea powder comes from flowers that are ground into a powder. Either works fine for this keto blue monster cookie. You can also use typical blue food dye if you already have it in your pantry or just prefer the color!


Keto Blue Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies


Why use gelatin in a keto cookie recipe?

You can use gelatin powder in a keto cookie recipe to make the cookie more chewy! It’s an easy low carb baking hack that creates totally chewy and delicious chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes keto cookies are overly crumbly or dry, so using this trick can ensure that your cookie is as chewy as can be. And, a chewy cookie is perfect for stuffing with sugar free hazelnut spread because it won’t fall apart easily.


How can I make a chocolate stuffed keto monster cookie?

If you’ve ever had a stuffed cookie, you might have felt like it was a magic trick. In reality, it’s easy to make chocolate stuffed keto monster cookies. The first thing you should do is make sure that the cookie dough has been rolled out big enough to hold a spoonful of hazelnut spread. If the cookie dough is too small or not rolled out enough, then the hazelnut spread will leak out during the baking process. It might also help to chill the hazelnut spread first so it’s a little firmer.

Next, don’t try to fold the cookie dough over the spread, just add a second layer of your keto cookie dough on top and gently meld them together with your hands into a sealed ball. This will keep the keto hazelnut spread safe inside the cookie as it bakes and help it create a “wow” moment when you pull the cookie apart.


How to store keto monster cookies.

These keto monster cookies can be stored at room temperature in a tightly sealed container for up to 5 days. You can also freeze them separately in a ziploc bag for 2-3 months. To thaw, put them out on the counter the night before eating them.



Keto Blue Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Keto Blue Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies

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