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Keto Copycat Lofthouse™ Cookies

Make keto Lofthouse™ cookies at home that are sugar free and celiac friendly. This recipe includes a sugar free buttercream frosting that can be used for other desserts.

Make these keto friendly Lofthouse™ cookie dupes at home! Lofthouse™ cookies are sugar cookies with frosting that you can buy in the store. They’re nostalgic and so soft they’ll crumble away in your mouth. While these store bought cookies can be a little divisive, we promise that this sugar free cookie recipe will be a crowd pleaser. The secret to delicious frosted sugar cookies is to make sure that the cookie itself is moist and delicate. This is sometimes difficult to achieve with keto baking, as wheat flour is simply not an option. Instead we use almond flour and coconut flour, which are known to be a little dry. That’s why we’ve used sour cream to keep the cookie moist and tasting delicious. Sour cream can help break down the dough and even tenderize it, making the cookie soft and delicious.

To sweeten this cookie, we’ve used keto friendly honey. This adds more moisture to the dough, while sweetening it to taste like Lofthouse™ sugar cookies. Our keto friendly honey is vegan friendly and contains no artificial sweeteners. We sweeten exclusively with monk fruit, so the honey taste enhances the sugar cookie dough. We love using keto honey for our baking projects because it adds sweetness to desserts that are not bitter and does not have an aftertaste.

For frosting, we’ve made a sugar free buttercream frosting that’s easy to whip up and tastes amazing. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or holiday, you can use natural food dye and sprinkles to decorate your homemade Lofthouse™ cookies to fit the season! We love making purple and orange Lofthouse™ cookies for Halloween. And, the great thing about this recipe is that you can sprinkle chocolate chips on top, add nuts, or even change up your extract to fit your mood. Birthday cake extract could make a cookie that’s extra sweet without all the sugar!

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What makes Lofthouse™ cookies so soft?

Lofthouse™ cookies are known for being soft sugar cookies, and that’s achieved with sour cream. It might seem weird, but sour cream is amazing for baking cookies because it won’t let the crumb get too dry. The acid in sour cream can break down the dough, making it a cake-like cookie dough.


The origins of Lofthouse™ cookies.

Lofthouse™ cookies started in a small Utah bakery in the 90’s. The owner started off making baked goods by hand and perfected the soft sugar cookie recipe. Instead of selling directly to the customer, Lofthouse™ delivered their cookies to grocery stores and eventually grew into great popularity. Lofthouse™ cookies can be polarizing, but they are now a big part of a lot of people’s childhoods. That’s why we love this sugar free version of the Lofthouse™ cookie.


How can I make copycat Lofthouse™ cookies?

Making copycat Lofthouse™ cookies is easier than you think! And a batch of homemade frosted sugar cookies costs less than buying them from the store. Simply mix together the cookie ingredients, bake, and then frost with keto buttercream frosting. You can then add sprinkles or even dye the frosting different colors depending on the season.


Keto Copycat Lofthouse™ Cookies Decorated for Halloween


How do I decorate keto sugar cookies for the holidays?

The best part about this gluten free sugar cookie recipe is that you can easily dye the frosting to match the holiday you’re celebrating. We like to use all natural food dye since it doesn’t contain any artificial colors and you can still achieve a pretty pastel frosting. For Halloween, you can dye your cookies purple or orange, then for Christmas you can make them green or red!


How do I make keto friendly icing for cookies?

Keto friendly icing for cookies is easy and delicious. We include almond extract in our buttercream frosting so that it tastes like traditional sugar cookies. The butter and heavy whipping cream makes the icing thick and easy to spread on top of cookies. You can even use this recipe for future cupcake projects.


How can I store my copycat Lofthouse™ cookies?

If you’re only planning on eating a few cookies at a time, you can divide the dough, roll into a ball and freeze. The cookies themselves can also be frozen if wrapped in plastic wrap, but they’ll taste better freshly baked. Cookies can be stored on the counter top in an airtight container for up to a week.


Keto Copycat Lofthouse™ Cookies

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Keto Copycat Lofthouse™ Cookies

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