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Sugar Free Keto Cranberry Sauce

Keto cranberry sauce that works perfectly as a condiment for any holiday dinner without adding sugar.

Make keto cranberry sauce today with real whole cranberries. The best cranberry sauce is always fresh: homemade keto cranberry relish always tastes better than canned cranberry relish–and this keto friendly berry condiment has no added sugar. Sweet and tangy, it makes the perfect companion to savory gravy and holiday turkey, adding a bit of orange zest to your holiday dinner.

This recipe uses only four ingredients to make a sugar-free cranberry sauce. By using our low carb honey as a sweetener instead of sugar, you can further reduce net carbs and make it healthy for your whole family. This is the best keto holiday dinner sauce and it can be served as a hot low carb cranberry sauce or a cold sugar-free cranberry relish.

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Are cranberries keto friendly?

Fresh cranberries are keto friendly and a great fruit to enjoy on a keto or low carb diet! Fresh cranberries are not only keto friendly with one of the lowest amounts of natural sugars of all fruits, but these superfruits are high in fiber, low in carbs and full of antioxidants. They also contain numerous healthy vitamins & minerals that make these berries a perfect low carb option. Cranberries are small, round, berry-like fruits grown on vines in freshwater bogs and are closely related to blueberries, which are also keto approved! Most raw berries are keto friendly in moderation and their sister fruit, cranberries, are no exception.


Is canned cranberry sauce keto friendly?

Canned cranberry sauce is not keto friendly. Store-bought canned cranberry sauces & jellied cranberry sauces are packed with traditional sugars and high in carbohydrates. To enjoy a keto friendly cranberry sauce during the holiday season, it’s best to make a homemade version.


Is cranberry sauce sugar free?

Made with cranberries and no sugar, our keto cranberry sauce recipe contains 0g of added sugar. It is considered sugar-free. Not all cranberry sauces are created equal though. Many traditional recipes will use sugar to sweeten the cranberry sauce, including canned cranberry sauce options. Our sugar free cranberry sauce only uses honey to sweeten, making it completely sugar free & a great diabetic cranberry sauce recipe.


How to make sauce from fresh cranberries?

This recipe will teach you how to make sauce from fresh whole cranberries. By boiling the cranberries and adding water, you can make a cranberry jellied sauce easily using fresh cranberries or frozen cranberries. Not only is fresh cranberry sauce tastier, it has less sodium and is healthier than canned cranberry sauces.


Sugar Free Keto Cranberry Sauce


Is cranberry sauce served hot or cold?

Cranberry sauce can be served either hot or cold. Traditionally, cranberry sauce is served warmed and with Thanksgiving meals. It is known as cranberry relish when it is served cold. They have the same ingredients, but their consistency is changed–and cranberry relish often has orange zest in it for an extra tangy flavor whereas cranberry sauce has a slightly sweeter and tangy taste. Another bonus to a chilled cranberry sauce is that once it is cooled, it will thicken, so it’s perfect on some holiday meal leftovers!


Is cranberry sauce safe for diabetics?

While traditional cranberry sauce is high in sugar, making diabetics closely monitor their sugars, our keto friendly cranberry sauce is low on the glycemic index! By using no sugar and our sugar free honey to sweeten, this recipe is a great cranberry sauce for diabetics.


How long can cranberry sauce last in the fridge?

Both the jellied cranberry sauce and canned whole cranberry sauce will last in the refrigerator for about two weeks when stored in an airtight container. Homemade fresh cranberry sauce in an airtight container can last for 10-14 days when continuously refrigerated. You can even freeze cranberry sauce to thaw and enjoy later! Stored in a heavy-duty freezer bag or airtight container, fresh cranberry sauce can be frozen for up to 2 months.


Is cranberry sauce vegan?

The ingredients in most homemade cranberry sauce recipes are completely vegan! Our sugar free keto cranberry sauce is only made with fresh whole cranberries, water and our bee free vegan honey, making it a perfect vegan cranberry sauce recipe.


What goes with cranberry sauce?

No Thanksgiving turkey meal is complete without a serving of cranberry sauce! Traditionally, cranberry sauce is served with a holiday meal, like a turkey, but this versatile keto cranberry sauce is great paired with baked chicken, ham or pork chops. Another tasty way to enjoy this sauce is served over baked brie as an appetizer for any Fall or Winter gathering. Adding some leftover sugar free cranberry sauce to your morning yogurt or in a morning smoothie. However you enjoy this keto cranberry sauce recipe, it’s sure to please any palate!


Sugar Free Keto Cranberry Sauce


What is cranberry relish?

Cranberry relish is the raw, blended version of traditional cranberry sauce. Both varieties use the same ingredients, but traditionally cranberry sauce is cooked, like our keto cranberry recipe calls for. Like cranberry sauce, to make cranberry relish, you can use fresh or frozen cranberries, but instead of cooking, pop the ingredients in a food processor and chop into small pieces until combined with the other ingredients and serve chilled.


Where to buy sugar free cranberry sauce?

The only way to enjoy sugar free cranberry sauce is a homemade cranberry sauce recipe. You cannot buy sugar free cranberry sauce, as they are normally high in traditional sugars and high fructose corn syrup. Even organic canned cranberry sauces are packed with organic cane sugar, making it a bad option for a keto or low carb diets.



Sugar Free Keto Cranberry Sauce

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Sugar Free Keto Cranberry Sauce

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