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Keto Chinese BBQ Pork

This is a keto Chinese BBQ pork recipe that is a delicious, low carb appetizer or main dish that’s perfect for your next sweet and salty dinner.

Keto friendly Chinese BBQ pork may not exist in any restaurant, but it’s easy to make and just as delicious. Chinese BBQ, also known as Char Siu, is a comfort food for Chinese people and a staple in American Chinese restaurants–but its usually high in sugars due to its marinade. One of the best things about this dish is how versatile it is, being a great pairing to tons of different side dishes and acting as both a tasty appetizer and main course meal.

Char Siu is a delectable dish that is high in protein and has a sweet flavor. We upgraded it to make it low in net carbs, while keeping the same traditional Chinese BBQ taste. The sugary marinade usually isn’t low carb, so we used our sugar free honey to sweeten it.

We’ll walk you through the best tips on how to make this popular Asian dish, and you’ll be the crowd favorite at your next potluck!

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What is char siu?

Char Siu is a Chinese style barbequed pork! It originated in Guangdong, and is usually served with rice, in stir fry, and in buns. It typically has a pink reddish hue to it, and is cut into thin slices. It also is known for being salty and sweet, but don’t worry, our recipe keeps things low in sugar.


How do you make keto Chinese BBQ skewers?

You can make keto Chinese BBQ skewers with this Char Siu recipe. Cut the meat into chunks instead of strips. We’ll tell you a trick on how to cut your meat perfectly later on in this recipe. Then, take each chunk and push them onto skewers. Put as many as you’d like on each skewer. We recommend placing about four to six on each skewer!


What’s the difference between Hawaiian and Chinese BBQ?

The main difference between Hawaiian and Chinese BBQ is that they highlight different flavors in their dishes. In Chinese barbeque, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, black bean paste, and Chinese five-spice powder are what are most popularly used to bring out the flavor of the meats. On the other hand, most Hawaiian barbecues typically use tropical flavors. This means flavors like passion fruit and pineapple aren’t off limits! However, both cuisines use Asian inspired flavors like soy sauce and sesame oil to create a blended marinade, since both utilize Asian inspired flavors and sauces.


Keto Chinese BBQ Pork


How can I make a sugar free marinade for char siu?

You can make a sugar free marinade for your char siu with ChocZero sugar free honey as a sweetening agent! It’s a simple swap from maple syrup or sugar that traditional recipes use.


Is Chinese BBQ pork keto friendly?

Chinese BBQ pork is not typically keto friendly. One serving usually has about 14g of net carbs. A majority of the carbs come from the sugary marinade that is often used in Char Siu, which is the flavor that makes it stand apart from other BBQ dishes such as Korean BBQ and Japanese BBQ dishes. However, our zero sugar honey makes it possible to achieve that same classic flavor with no added sugar.


What keto side dishes can I serve with char siu pork?

Some keto side dishes that you can serve with Char Siu pork are cauliflower fried rice, Asian greens and stir fry veggies! We recommend cutting into slices and placing these on the side of your cauliflower fried rice. Also, making scrambled egg whites goes really well with this pork, which is why many restaurants pair these together. Greens and veggies are a great way to offset the heavier and richer taste of the pork as well, and are of course a great healthy option to eat it with.


Keto Chinese BBQ Pork


How do I slice my Chinese BBQ pork meat evenly?

In order to slice your Chinese BBQ pork meat evenly, be sure to place your roast in the freezer before you start. This is because it's easier to slice meat if it is slightly frozen! You can then cut your meat into strips for a traditional cut to place on top of cauliflower rice, or cut into chunks to toss into veggies or to make into skewers.


Can you freeze leftover Chinese BBQ pork?

You can freeze leftover Chinese BBQ pork, but we recommend to slice the amount of meat you are going to eat/serve. If you do choose to microwave your char siu, store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days. Alternatively, you can wrap them and place them in a freezer bag. If you freeze, eat within a month. Just make sure to thaw it in the refrigerator before reheating!


What can I order in a Chinese restaurant that's keto friendly?

You can order a few things in a Chinese restaurant that are keto friendly! You can ask for steamed versions of some dishes, which fits within the guidelines of a well-formulated ketogenic diet. In particular, steamed Asian broccoli or mustard greens are good choices. For protein, roast pork, roast duck, and crispy-skin pork belly are great choices. Of course, it’s always best to make them at home because then you know exactly what the carb count is.


Keto Chinese BBQ Pork

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Keto Chinese BBQ Pork

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