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Tiger Butter Fudge

This tiger butter is as delicious as it looks, with stripes of dark chocolate fudge running through peanut butter white chocolate fudge!

Tiger butter is a fudge-like candy that's perfect to make at home for the holidays. After all, who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter? This sweet dessert is a simple candied fudge to make that will wow your friends and family with its gorgeous swirls of peanut butter on dark chocolate. Tiger butter is showy with its stripes, but don't worry: unlike its namesake, tiger butter has no claws. Just yummy, delicious fudgy sweetness!

A decadent fudge-like holiday dessert, this marbled chocolate bark is traditionally a Christmas candy. This how-to guide will tell you how to use our peanut butter morsels to make this peanut butter fudge.

Perhaps you'll be able to settle the age old debate for us, too: is tiger butter chocolate bark or is it a fudge? Honestly, the answer for us is it's delicious so does it matter? It takes the best of both culinary worlds and invites your taste buds to taste a nostalgic treat that even Santa will love.

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What is tiger butter?

Tiger butter is a peanut butter and chocolate swirled fudge. This treat is often served on Christmas, with its mesmerizing marble design being a great addition next to any festive feast.


Is tiger butter a fudge or is it a chocolate bark?

Tiger butter in this recipe is considered a fudge and a bark! That’s because it technically counts as either, which makes it very unique. Chocolate bark tends to be very sweet, since there’s no balancing flavor to offset the pure chocolate flavor, while tiger butter “bark” is less sweet due to it having peanut butter in it. That’s why we prefer to call it fudge because it has a thicker texture than the delicious keto bark that we make!


Tiger Butter Fudge


What type of peanut butter should I use to make tiger butter fudge?

The type of peanut butter that you should use to make tiger butter fudge is smooth peanut butter. We recommend that you do NOT use crunchy peanut butter in this recipe, because the swirl design will not look nearly as nice. Also, the consistency of the fudge will not be as smooth due to the chunks of peanuts in the bars, which we would advise against.


What can I use in tiger butter if I’m allergic to peanuts?

Something that you can use in tiger butter if you are allergic to peanuts is sunflower butter! Sunflower butter is an excellent substitute for peanut butter in tiger butter. While other nut butters such as almond and walnut can be good alternatives as well, sunflower butter is more similar in consistency to smooth peanut butter since it is more creamy and less textured than more other nut butter alternatives.


How do you get the swirl design on tiger butter fudge?

You can get the swirl design on tiger butter fudge by creating the design with a knife! You can either get super creative and free-flowing with your design by making spontaneous movement in your chocolate, swirling in any direction you feel is best. If you do it this way, make sure you don’t mix too many times, or else it will lose its design and the swirls will not be as noticeable. Stop when it looks good! The other, safer way to go is to make even lines vertically, then do the same horizontally. This won’t be as free flowing and artistic looking, but it can be a good thing to do on your first try to keep it from getting too muddy looking from over mixing.


Tiger Butter Fudge


Can too much peanut butter kick you out of ketosis?

In general, too much peanut butter can kick you out of ketosis, but you can still eat a decent amount of peanut butter before then. You can have about two to five tablespoons without going over the upper limit for a standard keto diet. Make sure to stay below 50 grams of daily carbs, and don’t have too much peanut butter, so that you can eat other foods in the day besides it! (We know, we wish we could just eat peanut butter all day too…)


What’s the best way to melt chocolate baking chips?

The best way to melt chocolate baking chips is simple: place into a small saucepan over medium heat, and add your keto dark chocolate chips. If you need an alternative in a pinch, just place them into a microwave safe bowl, then heat in fifteen second increments until melted.


Tiger Butter Fudge


What happens if you boil fudge too long?

If you boil fudge too long, it can affect the firmness of your tiger butter fudge. Cooking too long leads to excess water evaporation, which will suck the moisture out. That leads to dryness and loss of the smooth, fudge-y texture that you want in your tiger butter! Make sure to keep an eye on the timer and follow this recipe closely, and you should be able to ensure this holiday treat turns out the ideal consistency.


Why is my tiger butter not holding shape when I take it out?

Your tiger butter may not hold its shape when you take it out because you may not have let it set fully before cutting. In our recipe, we recommend refrigerating, because it can expedite the process of cooling and setting. We also recommend lining with parchment paper to help!


How do you store tiger butter fudge?

You store tiger butter fudge by keeping it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. We recommend consuming within a few days, but you can eat them within a week! Just let it sit out to room temperature before consuming. If you freeze it, it can store for up to two months.


Tiger Butter Fudge

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Tiger Butter Fudge

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