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Gluten-Free Cakesickles with White Chocolate

Create delicious gluten free cakesicles for special occasions with low carb frosting and almond flour cake filling.

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert to serve at a party or for the holidays, these keto cakesicles are perfect and delicious. Why are these keto cakesicles healthy? They’re made with almond flour so they’re gluten free and have no added sugar. This keto friendly, low carb treat is easy to make and fun to decorate for whatever occasion you might have. Simply bake an almond flour sheet cake, then mix the crumbs with a sugar free frosting to create the cakesicle filling. After forming the cakesicle mixture in a popsicle mold, you cool them in the freezer and then they’re ready to decorate. The mix of cake with frosting creates a cakesicle that is moist and delicious with frosting mixed throughout the cake. If you’ve never tried one of these low carb creations, you’re missing out.

Once the cakesicles are ready, it’s time to decorate! The best way to decorate these treats is by melting down no sugar added white chocolate chips and mixing with food coloring. Then, you can dip the cakesicles into the melted chocolate to create a candy shell that is just asking to be decorated with sprinkles or whatever designs your heart desires.

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Keto Friendly Gluten-Free Cakesicles


What are cakesicles?

Cakesicles are like cake pops but they’re made with popsicle molds so you have way more cake to enjoy. These keto friendly cakesicles are covered in no sugar added chocolate and have a delicious and moist almond flour cake filling. We like cakesicles because they’re easier to decorate than cake pops. You have more room to put sprinkles and designs!


How to pronounce cakesicles?

You pronounce cakesicles like popsicles, because it’s cake made in popsicle molds. It’s cake-sicles!


How can I make gluten free cakesicles?

While most cakesicles are made with wheat flour and have gluten and carbohydrates, you can make gluten free cakesicles using almond flour. How can you use almond flour for keto baking? Almond flour is gluten free and low in carbohydrates so it’s perfect for baking healthy cakesicles. The next step is using our no sugar added white chocolate chips. Our keto friendly chocolate baking chips can be melted down so you can dip each cakesicle into it for a perfect chocolate shell. From there, you can decorate with sprinkles or even frosting.


What’s the difference between cakepops and cakesicles?

Cakepops are different from cakesicles because they are shaped differently. Cakepops are small balls of cake on a stick, while cakesicles are made in a popsicle mold. Cakesicles are great for special occasions because they have more room to decorate.


What cakesicles flavors can you make?

You can make cakesicles any flavor of cake you want. We always like a chocolate cake, but for this recipe we’ve created a healthy vanilla cake that pairs perfectly with the white chocolate frosting. You can always substitute in any other flavor of no sugar added chocolate chips, including our sugar free peanut butter chips.


Keto Friendly Gluten-Free Cakesicles


How to decorate your cakesicles.

Decorating cakesicles is the best part of making these treats, besides eating them of course! We suggest dying the melted white chocolate chips to seasonal colors and then creating a two or three toned design. For Halloween, you can create a candy corn cakesicle by dipping the cake into three different colors to make it look just like a candy corn! For Christmas, why not draw a decorated Christmas tree with a piping bag? And, for Valentine’s Day you can decorate with heart sprinkles!


Are cakesicles expensive?

Buying cakesicles from a bakery can be expensive! A box of custom ones can be up to $50. That’s why making your own and making a healthier version of this dessert is a much better idea and more cost effective.


What molds should I buy for cakesicles?

You can use silicone popsicle molds for cakesicles! Many craft stores like Michaels have cakesicles molds as well.


How to store your cakesicles.

You can store your cakesicles in an airtight container on the counter for 3 days, or in the refrigerator for 7 days.



Gluten-Free Cakesickles with White Chocolate

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Gluten-Free Cakesickles with White Chocolate

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