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Our Sugar Free Valentine’s Day Line Up

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so here’s ChocZero’s 2024 Valentine’s Day line up. These keto treats will make your taste buds fall in love because we don’t use any artificial sweeteners. That means no heartbreaking aftertaste for these delicious low carb treats. Instead, we use all natural monk fruit to sweeten our keto candy. ChocZero also doesn’t use any artificial dyes and instead creates treats with natural dyes made out of plants, flowers, and even vegetables. So, with no erythritol or aspartame, no gluten, and no artificial colors, there really isn’t anything your sweetheart won’t love. These healthy treats are an amazing gift for a loved one (yes, that includes yourself)!

So, let’s get to it! Here’s our Valentine’s Day healthy treats that are sugar free.

First things first, we’re bringing back our milk chocolate strawberry truffles from last year. We were so excited to see these were a big hit, so we couldn’t wait to bring them back. Wrapped in pink foil and packaged in a heart-shaped truffle box, these delicious keto treats can make a wonderful healthy Valentine’s Day gift! The box has twelve pieces of strawberry truffles and are keto friendly. So, if you have a sweetheart looking for healthy candy, this box will be an impressive gift!

Next, we’re introducing a NEW keto bark flavor: strawberries & cookies! We’ve flavored our white chocolate with strawberries and then crumbled in our gluten free shortbread cookies to create a yummy low carb candy bar. This new flavor is for fans of our cookies & cream keto bark who also love the taste of strawberries and cream! This is our cheap option in our Valentine’s Day candy line up, so you can grab a few bags for yourself.

Looking for a small piece of candy you can put in your work’s candy dish? Look no further than our mini chocolate hearts in milk, dark, and white chocolate. These keto friendly chocolate hearts can be snuck inside a lunchbox for the kiddos, or piled into a candy dish at work. We love how easy it is to hand these goodies out to loved ones and enjoy it as a daily healthy treat. Our dark chocolate hearts are also vegan friendly as they are dairy free chocolates. If you have a loved one in your life looking for a Valentine’s treat that is vegan and sugar free, the dark chocolate hearts are the best pick for them!

Speaking of heart-shaped chocolate, we’re introducing NEW peanut butter filled milk chocolate hearts. Filled with creamy sugar free peanut butter, these Valentine’s Day candies are our love letter to all peanut butter lovers out there. Wrapped in gold foil, these look beautiful in a candy dish or stuffed into a Galentine’s Day goodie bag. If you love creamy peanut butter and chocolate, this is the gluten free Valentine’s Day treat for you!

Finally, we have sugar free strawberry baking chips. We’re bringing these chips back this year as they’re delicious baked in cookies or melted down to create some strawberry fudge. We’ve flavored our white chocolate chips with strawberry, so you can create a keto dessert for your loved ones that looks cute and tastes amazing. If you’re looking for an easy recipe to make with these, check out our low carb strawberries & cream muffins! They’re easy to make and you could even eat them for breakfast!

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Are there any gluten free Valentine’s Day treats?

Yes, ChocZero makes gluten free Valentine’s Day treats like our sugar free strawberry & cookies keto bark. Our new keto bark has strawberry flavored white chocolate enrobing crumbled up gluten free shortbread cookies. This is a great treat for anyone who loves our cookies & cream keto bark and strawberries! It’s important to note that all ChocZero goodies are gluten free, so they’re celiac friendly desserts.


Sugar Free Strawberries & Cookies Keto Bark


What Valentine’s Day candy is red 40 dye free?

Red 40 dye is an artificial dye that’s made out of potentially harmful chemicals. We don’t think chemicals and chocolate are a good match, so we only use natural dyes in our products. What’s a natural dye? It’s a vegetable based coloring that is found naturally in nature. When it comes to our strawberry products, we add a little paprika to bring out that beautiful red color. The paprika doesn’t change the taste of the chocolate, only enhances the color so it’s perfect for the Valentine’s Day season.

All our products are free of any kind of artificial colors. So when you buy our sugar free cereal marshmallows or our other seasonal goodies, you can rest easy knowing that we would never use Red 40 Dye!


Where can I buy keto Valentine’s Day candy?

You can buy keto Valentine’s Day candy on our website choczero.com. Every year we make seasonal candy and gluten free goodies for you to enjoy. We will have Easter treats coming this year, too!


What’s inside the ChocZero heart truffles?

This year we’re happy to announce that our milk chocolate heart truffles are making their triumphant comeback! These pink foil wrapped truffles are filled with strawberry cream that’s bright pink and so delicious! If you’ve missed enjoying gourmet chocolate, try our sugar free truffles. We don’t use any artificial sweeteners, so there’s no aftertaste. Just delicious chocolate with a creamy strawberry filling.


Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Strawberry Heart Truffles


What sugar free candy can I give on Valentine’s Day?

You can give any of ChocZero’s Valentine’s Day products! We make our chocolate and other goodies without any added sugar, gluten, or artificial colors. That means if someone in your life needs celiac friendly chocolate or can’t eat sugar, these treats will make them experience Valentine’s Day again!


Where can I find keto Valentine’s Day candy without maltitol?

You can find maltitol free candy at ChocZero! You might have seen that Russell Stovers™ says they’re sweetened with stevia, but they mix in maltitol. Sadly, maltitol has a high impact on glucose and is not friendly to diabetics. That’s why ChocZero will NEVER use maltitol. We use monk fruit to sweeten, which is a low glycemic gourd. It has zero glycemic impact, so it’s the perfect sweetener for anyone who has to monitor their blood sugar levels.


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