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Keurig Cups Out of Stock Until Late October

September 15th, 2017

So you may have noticed the Keurig cups we launched last Friday are now off Amazon and our store.

Unfortunately, when we made them, we accidentally made them too light--we didn't design properly for the K-cup format and the powder doesn't get fully dissolved so you end up with a cup full of watery chocolate. We have a quality control team, but they didn't catch it since taste is a subjective thing. At the end of the day, this isn't up to our standards and we'd never want a customer to pay for something that we aren't happy with.

Last night, the founders and our marketing director talked it over and we decided to manually refund every single order for the Keurig cups that we received--even those who liked the product and had no complaint. We also sent out an email explaining to every customer who purchased them why we chose this course of actions so if you get an email from us on Amazon or Shopify, that's why.

Our Keurig cups will be back in stock later in October with a much stronger chocolate taste. We're sorry to anyone we let down who got excited for the launch--we're a small company growing quickly and sometimes we make mistakes. We just hope that through transparency and a dedication to sugar free living, we can make a difference. Thanks for supporting ChocZero and understanding!



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