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Sugar Free Chocolate Chips and Pecan Keto Bark Released

Today is an exciting day. We're launching our new line of sugar free chocolate chips and our seasonal Fall flavor of pecan Keto Bark. This is particularly important new release for us because it means both our pecan Keto Bark and our no added sugar white chocolate are back for the first time since 2017.

Pecans taste delicious and are packed with heart healthy and keto friendly good fats. As such, pecan was part of our original line up of bark flavors when we launched in 2017. It quickly became a customer favorite.

Sadly, pecans are an expensive ingredient and it simply cost too much to keep them in stock as a small company. The same thing was true for our white chocolate as white chocolate is made primarily of cocoa butter and the cocoa butter we buy is the most expensive grade on the market making our white chocolate cost twice as much to make as our regular chocolate. As a company we don’t believe in passing the cost onto the customer so we didn't, so we had to stop production of both pecan bark and white chocolate to focus on our staples for stability.

But when this holiday season rolled around again? We couldn’t stop thinking about that bark and white chocolate. And neither could our customers; both were our most requested flavors with dozens of emails a week about them asking about their return.


So we're happy to announce the return of both flavors as well as our brand new baking chip line. We can't wait to see what you come up with in the kitchen--this has been a dream for us, and we're so very excited for your taste buds to try it!



Rhea @ ChocZero


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