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State of the Keto Bark: SOON! Very soon! Dec 8th to be Exact!

November 28th, 2017

Our Keto bark has been one of our top request products, but it's also been the hardest to keep in stock. We're thrilled to announce we have started production and will be launching the first flavors on Friday, December 8th on Amazon and our store.

Initially, when we launched the bark, we simply had no clue how popular the product would be. We also launched in summer and shipped through Amazon, which caused many orders to melt since they don't use ice packs like we do on our store. Faced with these challenges and some poor reviews despite people loving the taste, we let the bark sell out and went to work on creating a game plan to improve our bark by learning from our mistakes.

Unfortunately, our bark's relaunch took a lot longer than we hopefully--partially due to our square's increase in popularity (making it hard to supply a new bark line) as well as due to separate delays from outside sources (our new melangeur was a few months late and our packaging took longer to arrive than we hoped). Ultimately, though, we took our time because we wanted to do it right. Rushing wouldn't allow us to launch with the standards ChocZero customers have come to known. We're just incredibly thankful that everyone has stood by us through the delays.

For now, though, it's back in stock on December 8th with more flavors coming all month!

Esther adds sea salt to the keto bark before it goes to cool off. Esther spent two years doing missionary work in Rwanda & South Africa before joining the ChocZero team where she's now responsible for salting each bar manually--a process she trained for over a week at, as each bar has to be seasoned just right for perfect taste to compliment our rich chocolate.


What's Changed?

  • We repackaged the bark into smaller, 6 ounce bags. There will be gift tins coming out shortly that will be 20 ounces, for those wishing to have a larger container. We did this primarily because their previous boxes were not shipping friendly!

  • We introduced portion control to the bark by making them in bar shaped. Each bar is an ounce. It should now be much easier to track your macros.

  • 100% stone-ground bark. This one is big and only true chocoholics will get it. Stone-ground chocolate simply tastes better and it takes longer to make. The coolest part about this is that because ChocZero is sugar free, stone-ground actually means even more: the change in texture helps put the focus on the chocolate rather than the monk fruit.

  • Larger nut & seed sizes. Bigger is better, right? The #1 complaint was you guys wanted bigger crunch in your bark. So we made it happen!

This is Bob. A life long California resident, he previously worked in the recycling business. for twenty years  He's a proud husband and father. He's part of ChocZero as one of the ten packaging employees we have.


How to Order?

Keep an eye out for our Amazon listing and social media (Instagram and Facebook).

We will be posting about it. We will not be missing our Friday deadline. We'll initially launch a few flavors for sale and continue launch more all of December. Like we said, we're trying to make enough that we simply don't sell out on release overnight because the last thing we want to do is put you folks through yet another wait in the future!





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