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Keto and Inflation: ChocZero Will Eat the Rising Costs

I don't want to do what the other keto guys are doing. I don't want to do what the gas guys, the retail guys, and the landlord guys are doing either.

So I'm not. I'm writing you to tell you that ChocZero will not be increasing prices in 2022.

In fact, we will be bringing them down whenever we can. As of today, our hazelnut spread is going down to $7.49 from its $8.99 price tag...permanently.

We are already one of the more affordable keto products on the market. Now we're going to continue to be so, looking for price cuts everywhere we can.

If more businesses, big and small, were willing to make significantly less profit more people could eat healthier. Food insecurity would also be less of a problem. As one of the original keto brands, we want to help lead this revolution and we're willing to shave our profit margins until they're razor thin because you deserve it.

We're not gonna have a good year. But this is about something bigger than quarterly reports and goals.

It's about community.

One of our donations to a local food bank.

Speaking of community: I wanted to tell you something you can do to help us. It's simple. Spread the word about ChocZero to others. Tell people that we're not raising our prices even as everyone else does. Tell people about our mission to make affordable, high quality food that happens to be low in sugar and net carbs. Tell people to analyze our competitors against us: factor in things like cost per ounce and shipping price, because sometimes health food brands like to hide behind confusing math to look like a bargain.

And tell people to especially analyze ingredients in relation to the overall cost. Prebiotic fiber is something many brands don't use and monk fruit costs much  more money than any other sugar substitute including erythritol. Don't even get me started on how cheap sugar and maltitol are per gram. Even the pectin we use in our strawberry jam comes from Germany, and it was sourced with care to provide a high quality, European inspired jam. It's why we stand behind our taste with our 100% taste satisfaction refund policy: we're a little obsessed with the idea of making keto better. To us, good things taste good, and we could all use a little more good in the world right now.

If you've made it this far, thank you. Thanks for the support, and thank you for shopping with us. I hope you enjoy our newest product: Cookies & Cream Keto Bark. It is my favorite yet. We worked so very hard on it, and I can't wait to hear what people's first bite reactions are!


Rhea, CMO of ChocZero


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