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Introducing the Rhea Bar: A Keto Caramel Candy Bar

There are a lot of healthy candy bars on the market. There are chocolate protein bars, sugar free bars laden with sugar alcohols, and even clean eating bars boasting about their antioxidants.

But sometimes you just want a candy bar. You want something that tastes like a reward, not a punishment.

That's why we're pleased to announce we've created a sugar free candy bar! It's a peanut and caramel nougat bar enrobed in our decadent milk chocolate. This is a low carb and no sugar added candy bar like we've always dreamed about making. We've spent a lot of time working on a sugar free nougat that we're proud of that we think tastes just as good as the sugary counterpart.

Its name? The Rhea Bar.

Rhea Bar

We've named the bar after Rhea, our CGO. After years in the food industry, we started ChocZero in late 2016. One day in early 2017, we received a letter from Rhea. Rhea was a customer from Amazon like many of you and she told us how using ChocZero products changed her life along with the keto diet. She also attached her resume, asking if we had any openings to join our team and use her background in marketing to bring ChocZero to another level. After talking with her, we felt like she understood our cause and we hired her.

Over the past six years, Rhea has built a social media presence, instated a compassionate customer service protocol, and built an entire marketing department that she leads to this day. She created a bond between ChocZero and our community that allowed us to make anything from sugar free honey to this brand new candy bar. For us here at ChocZero, the most important thing we have is our sugar free community. You folks mean everything to us.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for Rhea as well as our wonderful customers. So, when we made this candy bar, the first name that came to our mind was "Rhea Bar." It just worked.

So thank you Rhea and thank you to all our customers. We hope you'll enjoy this candy bar now that it's finally here!


The ChocZero Team


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