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Our Gluten Free Halloween Candy Line Up

Get ready for ChocZero’s keto friendly Halloween treats for the 2023 fall season! They’re scary good and don’t have any artificial sweeteners like some of those other “healthy” candies out there. ChocZero only uses monk fruit extract as the sweetener and does not mix with erythritol, aspartame, or anything else that would really cause a fright on October 31st! Since ChocZero only sweetens with monk fruit, there’s nothing getting in the way of you and treats! No tricks here.

Have we left you in suspense? Well, here’s a taste of what ChocZero has to offer for Halloween!

This year we have a special free gift: our gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies filled with vanilla frosting. Inspired by Oreo™, we made ours with coconut flour and almonds so they're celiac friendly and keto. Any order over $50 gets one 12oz tin for free! We're offering them up as a gift to get your feedback so you can help design version 2.0 of this recipe because we're not 100% happy with this version, but still wanted to share what's going on in our research & development kitchen with you!

Next, arriving in a spooky Haunted Mansion, is our new chocolate covered pecans. These pecan clusters are enrobed in milk chocolate and full of our sugar free caramel. If you love the Rhea Bar (our first keto candy bar) you will love these fall treats. Pecans are a seasonal nut that tastes best while the leaves are falling and the nights get longer. These will also arrive in a beautiful decorative tin that can be recycled or reused. The tin will showcase a spooky mansion filled with ghosts, spirits, and a haunt or two!

Need candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters that isn’t full of sugar? Try our mini chocolate pumpkins in dark, white, and milk chocolate. There’s lots of funny faces these chocolate pumpkins make and they’re all sugar free and keto friendly. This bite-sized Halloween candy is great for candy bowls at the office or to hand out on Halloween night. ChocZero originally released these chocolate pumpkins years ago and the popularity with children and adults alike kept them coming back every year.

Finally, ChocZero has brought back a nostalgic classic: the peanut butter ghosts! In white chocolate, these spooky specters are full of creamy peanut butter and have unique faces. Unlike Reese’s peanut butter ghosts that look more like blobs than wraiths, ChocZero’s keto peanut butter ghosts have unique faces and shapes to make you cackle like a witch over her cauldron. Our white chocolate candy can be handed out for trick-or-treaters, but we suggest hiding them away for you to enjoy all on your own!

From the spooky family at ChocZero, we wish you a safe and fun-filled Halloween and we hope you enjoy our sugar free chocolate treats!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


Are there any gluten free Halloween treats?

Yes, ChocZero makes gluten free Halloween treats like our sugar free spin on the Oreo™. These chocolate sandwich cookies are filled with vanilla creme that’s been naturally dyed orange for Halloween. All our goodies are gluten free, including our chocolate!


What Halloween candy is red 40 dye free?

ChocZero doesn’t use any artificial colors, so all their Halloween candy is free of red dye 40. We know there’s been some studies that have shown that the dye “red 40” can be harmful and unhealthy to consume, so we only use plants like flowers and pumpkins to dye our treats!


Where can I buy keto Halloween candy?

You can buy keto Halloween candy on our website choczero.com. Every year we make seasonal candy and gluten free goodies for you to enjoy. We will have Christmas treats coming this year, too!


Sugar Free Pecan Caramel Clusters


What are pecan clusters?

Pecan clusters are pecan nuts covered in chocolate. They are a delicious chocolate treat that is popular during the fall season through Thanksgiving! We added our ooey gooey sugar free caramel to the clusters to make them even more sweet and delicious.


What sugar free candy can I give to trick-or-treaters?

If you want to give healthy candy to trick-or-treaters, but don’t know where to start, check out the ChocZero website! We suggest giving out our mini chocolate pumpkins or peanut butter ghosts. If you feel like being the cool house on the block, you can always give out a full-sized candy bar, our sugar free Snickers™ dupe called The Rhea Bar!


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