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Keto Bark Returns in November, ChocoNite Formula Adjustments and More

November 1st, 2017

October was a busy month for us here at ChocZero. As the cold weather set in, so did the orders and we've been touched by the support the low carb community has given us. Things are more hectic than ever here and we have to thank you folks for it. We're especially blown away by Low Carb Traveler's recipes with our dipping cups.

Now that it's November, we'd like to tell you folks what's up and what we're doing for this month.

  • Keto bark will be returning at the end of November. We're sorry to anyone who got excited for our late September return, but we simply couldn't meet the deadline we set.  The reason for the delay  is two-fold: we had to wait for packaging to start production and our packaging supplier got massively delayed with our order (bummer). While that was happening, we decided to adjust the production line and make our bark stone-ground. Unfortunately this slows down production but it also makes the bark taste like nothing we've ever made before. Stone-ground makes the texture unique and it works amazingly well on sugar free chocolate, helping highlight the cocoa even more than before.  The good news? It will be worth the wait. We promise.

  • ChocoNite formula adjustments for both the powder and k-cup form. If you remember, this September we had to recall our k-cups because it was too watery. We refunded anyone who purchased it and let them keep the k-cups because it was our mistake. We're currently getting them ready to come back again, hopefully by December. While we adjusted the k-cup formula to be stronger, we also took a look at the powder and tweaked it. The powder is now stronger as well and we've packaged it into bags going forward. We'll be updating the store to reflect it, but the bags let us ship with less damages (jars can open up in transport due to the powder shifting around and postmen being less than gentle). These new bags will ship starting this Monday!

  • Honest syrup line is launching early to mid-November. All of the Honest Syrups are on their way to Amazon and once Amazon has them, they will be listed for a super sale so people can try before they buy. We're super excited about this product and we hope you are too. A few of the bottles have incorrect nutrition information, which we caught after a thousand printed, so in case anyone didn't know the macros it's 2g net carb per TBSP. The labels inaccurately said TSP which makes no sense. We forgot a B.

  • White chocolate squares will be launching mid to late December. We had hoped to get them out as early as October, but unfortunately white chocolate requires a lot of cleaning if you want to make it on a chocolate production line. We learned this while doing the white chocolate dipping cups. It was two days on a weekend of time spent cleaning! As such, we've ordered more machines to handle exclusively white chocolate going forward and once they come in, we'll make tons of white chocolate squares. We're very sorry for the delay there, but they should be out before 2018. The awesome part about this is that it means we can do more white chocolate in general, maybe even a white chocolate bark someday or other goodies. We'll see how people like our squares!

  • More products coming. We have a few new products under development and we think you'll like them. We know you've asked for Nutella replacements, chocolate chips, chocolate covered almonds--trust us, we're listening, and we're  hoping to get at least one or two new products out before January!

  • Last but not least: shipping times. We fell behind in shipping slightly so orders may be 1-2 days delayed on our online store and for giveaways we do on social media. Basically orders increased immensely over September to October when everyone realized winter is coming and our shipping department is overworked. As of this week, we've sent off our syrup, dipping cups, and our squares to Amazon to be Amazon Prime over the cold months to help reduce the shipping loads. So we're sorry for being behind by a few days, this should be fixed by mid-November.

Thanks so much and hopefully this answers any questions. If you have any additional comments, you can always reach out on social media or email us at support@choczero.com.





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