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The Journey to ChocZero's Pumpkin Spice Collection

October 5th, 2021

It took us all year to make our pumpkin spice collection.

Our CMO, Rhea, loves pumpkin spice. She was born in Seattle and she's a Scorpio: Fall is her happy place. To her, it's a simple taste that signals the start of the season. Last year, when writing 2021 goals down for ChocZero, one of her biggest goals was to tackle pumpkin spice as a chocolatier and define our signature blend of the renowned flavor.

But before we could create a sugar-free pumpkin spice, we had to get to know pumpkin spice better. Everyone's definition is different. There is no one flavor that fits all for pumpkin spice. Rather than being limited, however, that simply meant we had to define what it means for ChocZero. And ultimately, for us, the definition we landed on had warm notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves that dance on your taste buds like falling leaves.

It was hard to land on that flavor. Early in the year we sent away for samples of pumpkin spice from various flavor companies around the world. But we weren't happy with them. They were too much spice or too little. We'll be honest, it was a Goldilocks and the 3 bears situation—but instead of porridge, it was pumpkin spice. After throwing out enough flavors, we ultimately decided to make our own.

We spent July setting up our factory to have an entire temporary room dedicated to creating our own pumpkin spice flavor. Vats of liquid were set up to create our extract and the factory was quickly enveloped in the aroma of pumpkin pies.

After weeks of production, the extract was finally ready. We shifted focus onto flavoring white chocolate with our new signature pumpkin spice blend. We needed the right way to deliver our pumpkin spice mix, and our creamy zero added sugar white chocolate was the ideal way to do it. Made with real cocoa butter, sweetened with monk fruit, our white chocolate provided the smooth and subtle backdrop to a dramatic hit of spice. It truly was the perfect pairing. 

Our end result is a creamy, luxurious white chocolate infused with pumpkin pie spices. 

We initially made our pumpkin spice white chocolate available as two delicious snacks so we could gauge people's reactions.

  • as delectably creamy pumpkin spice white chocolate squares, each bite softly unveiling our warm spices
  • and as part of our new line of double dipped almonds: each almond is dipped in a sweet pumpkin spice confection and then dipped again in our pumpkin spice white chocolate, creating a gorgeously crunchy-creamy-pumpkin-almond experience you have to try to believe

Explore our pumpkin spice collection, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or directly to share your experience. We love hearing from each and every one of you.

Wishing you a wonderful Fall,

Rhea & the ChocZero Team <3


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