Seasonal Syrup: Banana Sugar Free Syrup

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  • Seasonal Syrup: Banana Sugar Free Syrup

Seasonal Syrup: Banana Sugar Free Syrup

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Banana syrup is a summer seasonal flavor and will not return until Summer 2020.

Unlike the human body, we don't think syrup should be composed primarily of water. And yet that's what most syrups do along with adding preservatives and other additives.

With ChocZero's Honest Syrup line, we've created a syrup you can trust with an ingredient list you can pronounce.

Our banana syrup brings back the tropical fruit to your sugar free diet, giving you a great alternative for toppings and bakings. Use on pancakes and sundaes or use on cheesecake to heighten its flavor profile.

  • Bananas are back in your low carb diet! We use natural coloring and extract to bring you the only healthy sugar free banana syrup on the market.
  • Low net carb. Sugar free. No preservatives. No sugar alcohols. No soy. Gluten free, GMO free, and all natural. Sweetened ONLY with monk fruit.
  • A subtly sweet banana s yrup that work wonderfully for breakfast toppings and dessert toppings.
  • Thicker than most syrups: we don't think syrup should be watery, instead we use a liquid fiber to create a rich syrup.


ChocZero's Honest Syrup line is completely sugar free and uses no sugar alcohols. We stand behind our product and pick only the highest quality, all natural ingredients available. 

None of our products will ever contain soy, gluten, or sugar alcohols.

Liquid vegetable fiber (SCF), natural banana flavor, natural vegetable coloring, monk fruit extract.


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