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92% Dark Chocolate Bar

92% Dark Chocolate Bar


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The darkest chocolate ChocZero creates, these 92% midnight chocolate pieces are only for the truly dedicated cacao connoisseur.

Make this dairy free chocolate bar sing by pairing it with tarts notes like a glass of wine or a cup of black coffee and let the complex, earthy notes of chocolate unfold in your mouth. We also make a lighter 70% no sugar added dark chocolate squares for those who still like intensely dark chocolate but prefer more sweetness.
  • Low carb: Only 1g net carbs per square
  • For the serious chocolate lover: the 92% stands for its cocoa percentage
  • Gluten free, vegan, and sugar conscious
  • Sweetened with monk fruit: a plant-based sweetener that is a natural substitute for cane sugar
92% Dark Chocolate Bar Nutrition Facts


Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), cocoa powder, Non-GMO resistant dextrin, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract, Madagascar vanilla beans.

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

Product Information

Comes with 8 individually wrapped 92% Dark Chocolate Squares.

Our refund policy: We’re confident that you will love how our chocolate tastes and that it will arrive safe & sound. We're so confident that we have a 100% customer happiness policy--read more about our commitment to you.

  • Keto friendly
  • Sugar free
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan
92% Dark Chocolate Bar
92% Dark Chocolate Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
92% dark chocolate squares

My absolute favorite with 1 carb and excellent anti inflammatory properties


Wonderful snack and shipped quickly- package was well packed for protection

Dark Chocolate

I was so surprised how great these were. I love dark chocolate and was missing in on my keto diet. I'm so happy to be able to enjoy it again. Thank- you so much.


💕 love 💕

Best Ever!!!! Waste of packaging though.

This is the best dark chocolate ever!! Smooth and rich!! Completely delicious! Waste of packaging though. The outside packaging is thick cardboard. The inside contains a plastic tray that holds 8 pieces of already individually wrapped chocolate squares. Then this tray is also plastic-wrapped.

Hi there! We're thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the taste of the 92% Chocolate Sqaures. We did want to let you know that all the packaging used is 100% recyclable. We package our products to ensure they arrive in great condition and individually wrap them to help with potion control and maintain freshness. The tray is added to keep the chocolates from molding together especally in warmer temperates however it's also fully recyclable. Thanks again

Dark Chocolate Delight!

Love the flavor of this dark chocolate!!

Very tasty!

Love this rich, dark chocolate. A fantastic deep flavor


This was my first taste into ChocZero products. My hubby purchased the big tin off of Amazon as my valentine gift. I fell in love after the first bite!

Tim L.
Wow, just WOW

I like chocolate, but not too sweet. The 92% squares are my favorite. They are great right out of the bag but I like to keep them in the freezer. When we travel my wife and I always bring along some of these for me and the milk chocolate for her. It makes being good, well...good!


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