ChocoNite Dark Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa - Sugar Free, Low Carb

  • ChocoNite Dark Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa - Sugar Free, Low Carb

ChocoNite Dark Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa - Sugar Free, Low Carb


Sugar free hot chocolate is hard to come by and the ones that are usually contain artificial sweeteners. That's why we've made ChocoNite: a guilt free hot cocoa with no sugar alcohol that works as an evening indulgence or a refreshing breakfast beverage.

Our hot chocolate powder uses premium cocoa beans and real cocoa butter processed in a natural, non-alkalized way that keeps all of the cocoa flavor without any of the sugar. Indulge guilt free and call it a ChocoNite.

Use one serving for every six ounces of liquid. Almond milk, heavy cream, or water work great. Enjoy as a hot cocoa or in your protein shake.

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  • Updated in November 2017 to have a new, creamier formula as well as being packaged in bags to prevent any issues with shipping. 
  • Non-alkalized fair-trade cocoa. Real cocoa butter, rich and creamy. Keep the cocoa, ditch the sugar!
  • Sugar free and low carb, only 1g net carbs per serving. Works great hot or cold, add to any beverage--even protein shakes!
  • No sugar alcohols, no corn syrup. Sweetened with our exclusive monk fruit and fiber blend.
  • Keto friendly, diabetic friendly. Zero glycemic impact.
  • All natural, non-GMO. Made proudly in the USA.

ChocZero's hot cocoa is safe for diabetics as well as those adhering to a low carb lifestyle. We stand behind our product and pick only the highest quality, all natural ingredients available. 

Unlike most chocolate, we do not add soy lecithin. We also do not have any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

Our chocolate is gluten free as well. Any label indicating it may contain wheat is from our first production where we shared facilities. 

Dark Chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), Soluble Vegetable Fiber (GMO free), Sunflower Lecithin, Monk Fruit Extract. Contains milk.

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