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Extra fluffy and fat free, these keto marshmallows are the latest ChocZero innovation! Packed full of prebiotic fiber and sweetened with monk fruit, each sugar free marshmallow has a light vanilla flavor and is perfect for roasting, baking, melting, or just eating out of the bag.

Yes, they roast and melt just like the real thing! The only thing different about our zero sugar marshmallows are that when they go stale, they will get denser than other products. For this reason, we suggest using them 30 days after opening and keeping them in an air-tight container for storage.

  • A 10oz bag of keto marshmallows
  • Sugar free marshmallows with 0g fat and 0g sugar added
  • Made with keto friendly monk fruit, prebiotic fiber, and bovine gelatin
  • Zero sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners
  • Perfect for baking and roasting, they'll go great on hot cocoa or s'mores!

Note: Our marshmallows are undergoing a packaging change due to 2 mistakes. The first one is it says 9g fat, it's actually 0g fat. The other is the hole punched at the top. It's sealed off from the actual marshmallows--this differs from our initial launch where the hole exposed the marshmallows accidentally. We are making new packaging, however, that will not have the hole and will fit better in your cupboard. Thanks for your patience!

Marshmallows Nutrition Facts


Non-GMO resistant dextrin, fructooligosaccharides, water, gelatin, natural vanilla flavor, monk fruit extract.

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

Product Information

One 10oz bag of sugar free marshmallows.

  • Keto friendly
  • Sugar free
  • No sugar added
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free

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