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2-Pack White Chocolate Chips

2-Pack White Chocolate Chips

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This is a replacement for our 6 pack of chocolate chips (it's nearly the same ounces as before)!

Real white chocolate comes from a creamy cocoa butter that's soft as a cloud. It gives every individual chip a delicate mouthfeel and a subtly sweet taste. If you love our white chocolate then this bundle is for you--it contains two 20oz bags of our white chocolate baking chips, ready for a keto white chocolate baking extravaganza!  

  • Only 1g net carb per serving
  • Contains no palm oil
  • Ethically sourced cocoa
  • White chocolate bakes at a slightly lower temperature than regular chocolate, so for best results, use white chocolate recipes which usually bake around 325-375 F.
2-Pack White Chocolate Chips Nutrition Facts


White chocolate confection (cocoa butter, whole milk powder), Non-GMO resistant dextrin, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract,
vanilla flavor. Contains Milk.

Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content.

Product Information

Two 20oz bags of sugar free white chocolate baking chips.

Our refund policy: We’re confident that you will love how our chocolate tastes and that it will arrive safe & sound. We're so confident that we have a 100% customer happiness policy--read more about our commitment to you.

  • Keto friendly
  • No sugar added
  • No sugar alcohols
  • Soy free
  • Non gmo
  • Gluten free
2-Pack White Chocolate Chips
2-Pack White Chocolate Chips

Customer Reviews

Based on 432 reviews

I am diabetic, but love white chocolate - and these taste exactly like the real thing, delicious!


They melt in you mouth delicious.

Great chips

I love these chips and keep them in stock all the time.


I love making a crispy, toffee-like bark out of these. Spread whole package on a rimmed sheet pan, add chopped macadamias, bake at 300 for 40 minutes. No parchment needed.

White Chocolate Chips

I love these! I found this company six years ago on my keto journey and so happy that I did! These chips are so versatile. I love how creamy they are and how easily they melt but also hold up in a cookie recipe. These have been a long time favorite of mine. Even though I am no longer on that journey I still use these in many of my "sweets" recipes or to just snack on when a craving hits.

Great Purchase

So glad I was introduced to this company! No complaints on any of my purchases. Especially love the white chocolate and peanut butter chips, Dunkies, and the cookie butter.

Absolutely FANTASTIC!

I have been faithfully buying from ChocZero for several years. This is an exceptional company with the very best products imaginable! I am particularly in love with the white chocolate chips which melt in your mouth with a sweetness without sugar that is wonderful. Great for baking, sprinkling on other concoctions, and snacking on. I have purchased more than 10 other products and all are great and absolute staples in my low carb and low/no sugar lifestyle. I have researched everything out there and ChocZero is by far the best!


Great no sugar


These are a staple in my house. I add them to my lemon blueberry keto muffins and they are delicious!

Heavenly White Chocolate

The best sugar free chips on the market!! I use them in countless recipes and stir in my yogurt. I stocked up this winter, because unfortunately I’ve not had much luck having them arrive in chip form in the extreme hot summers in Louisiana. The company is great about making it right and refunding the ruined chips, but then I don’t have my favorite chips. They don’t sell them in the stores around here. I will only use Choc Zero Brand.


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