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Low Carb Revolver: A Keto Coffee Cocktail

Prep Time: 2m
Total Time: 2m

As the nights get chilly, what could be better than a keto cocktail that can warm you back up? Have a relaxing autumn night with some smokey bourbon, a splash of coffee, and a little sweetness from our sugar free vanilla syrup.¬†ūüćā The Keto Revolver¬†can also take brunch to the next level if you garnish with some mini pancakes and drip our maple syrup all over.

This recipe comes to us from the keto cocktail queens over at boozyketones. They know how to make amazing drinks without all the sugar.

Makes 1 cocktail.





  1. Shake or stir everything and pour into your favorite glass.
  2. Optional: Garnish with orange peel, mini keto pancakes cereal and ChocZero Sugar Free Maple Syrup.

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