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Cadaver Kalimotxo: Low Carb Halloween Cocktail

Prep Time: 2m
Total Time: 2m
Serves: 1

Get your cauldron bubbling with a keto witch's brew fit for Halloween. We love to pair chocolate with wine, so we're excited for this cocktail with a spooky twist. Add diet cola for bubbles and a few bitters for trouble and you've got yourself a drink even Dracula would be proud of. Just don't forget the most important ingredient to your ghoulish night in, a visit from one of our keto peanut butter ghosts! 👻

This recipe for a low carb Halloween cocktail comes to us from the wicked sisters over at BoozyKetones. They make beautiful keto cocktails that are scary good! 🧛‍♀️



  1. Shake or stir liquid ingredients and pour into your favorite glass.
  2. Garnish with a sugar free peanut butter cup and an orange slice.

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