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How to Make a Keto Raindrop Cake

Try this keto friendly raindrop cake recipe with our sugar free syrup. Low carb.

These pretty little Keto Raindrop Cakes are such a beautiful addition to a summer buffet! Add flower petals, whipped cream or fruit to add a pop of color to these sweet sugar free jelly cakes made with agar.

You can use your favorite ChocZero sugar free syrup for this -- Annie has used vanilla, for a classic flavor, but maple would bring a Fall vibe whilst strawberry a summer one! Or why not try one of our seasonal syrups for something extra special! 

This cute and trendy Raindrop Cake recipe comes to us from Annie at KetoFocus, where she makes keto friendly recipes that are good for the whole family to enjoy.


How to Make a Keto Raindrop Cake

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How to Make a Keto Raindrop Cake

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