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Keto Frozen Hot Chocolate

A fantastic and easy keto summer recipe for a healthy frozen chocolate drink made in a blender.

Who said hot chocolate is only for winter? Keto frozen hot chocolate¬†takes your fave cozy winter drink and puts it firmly in summer mode. A fantastic and easy recipe from Annie at Keto Focus, this healthy frozen chocolate drink is made in a blender with plenty of ice. The result is a low carb summer drink that manages to be both chocolatey and refreshing¬†‚̧ԳŹūüćę

Perfect for sipping on the porch while you take some 'me time', or a stylish way to finish a keto dinner date, this frozen hot chocolate uses our sugar free chocolate chips to create a creamy and indulgent summer drink.


Keto Frozen Hot Chocolate

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Keto Frozen Hot Chocolate

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