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Tasty Keto Cosmic Brownies

Fudgy keto chocolate brownies topped with a rich sugar free chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

In times like these, it's easy to reminisce about schoolyard days and the yummy treats our moms used to pack in our paper bag lunches. If you were one of the lucky kids who got a packaged brownie with some sprinkles on top, everyone knew your mom was the coolest. Now that we're adults, we're not really into all that sugar, but we still want a sweet snack to go with our low carb lifestyle. That's why we love these fudgy keto cosmic brownies. They're¬†covered with a rich frosting made with our sugar free chocolate chips, and topped with some colorful sprinkles. Feel like a kid yet?¬†ūüėä

This recipe comes to us from Anna over at BaconButterBourbon. She makes keto treats that take us back to many happy memories (without all the carbs!).


Tasty Keto Cosmic Brownies

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Tasty Keto Cosmic Brownies

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