Dipping Chocolate add Ice Cream

Dipping Chocolate add Ice Cream

Step one: microwave our dipping chocolate for 10-15 seconds (a little longer makes it stand out that much more on ice cream).

Step two: scoop your favorite low carb ice cream into a bowl and add some whipped cream.

Step three: Pour like nobody's business.

Step four: Indulge in a treat that's completely guilt free even though it tastes sinful.

Real talk: our dipping chocolate is going on a SUPER SALE this weekend on Amazon. We know trying a product for the first time is a huge commitment so we're taking the risk out by making it as low as we can go. We're investing in your taste buds. We believe you'll like it so much we'll offer it for less just so you can make the choice if you want to be a repeat buyer or not. We're hoping to have people leave genuine feedback in a review, on Instagram, or even through email as as well. This is our favorite product we've cooked up yet and we can't wait to have everyone try it!