Welcome to ChocZero's Store

Welcome to ChocZero's Store

We're excited to announce the launch of our online storefront. We've sold for the better half of a year online through Amazon, but we wanted a way to offer an affiliate program and more for our customers so we're launching our own store. You can still buy on Amazon if you want, or you can buy here as well--the choice is yours!

It's worth noting that our shipping flat ground rate is $10.95 for any order in the store. That means if you buy one bag, it's $10.95. If you buy ten, it's $10.95. Once you hit over $50 of product in your cart, however, it becomes free. This was the goal of our store: we wanted to make it a better option for bulk purchases and returning customers that's more personal, letting us offer discounts and more individual service. We plan to have holiday sales as well as other special options such as FedEx Next Day in the future.

Anyway, enough about our store. Let's talk chocolate. Right now, we're busy ramping up production of new products for August as well as producing a new batch of our keto bark for September. To top it off, we're also switching to 100% stone-ground chocolate to up our texture and overall quality by October so we've got A LOT on our plate. Stay tuned for exciting news and please sign-up for our newsletter (located on the footer of every page) to keep up to date on the latest happenings at ChocZero headquarters.

If you're a social media influencer or a blogger, please remember to check out our affiliate program and reach out to work with us.

Rhea @ ChocZero